About Us

About Us

Global Communication Solutions to keep you connected worldwide

WorldSIM is a global communications company that provide a wide range of communication solutions to international travellers. From international roaming and data roaming solutions, to unique travel products and virtual numbers; our aim is to enable travellers to stay in contact easily while they are away without the extortionate costs incurred by roaming.

Our awards

Since WorldSIM began in 2006, we have won many awards for our products, our innovation or service and even our travel blog. Our most notable award is for Best Telecoms Provider.


Our vision

The WorldSIM vision is to make global communications the same price wherever you are. We aim to have one SIM that can be used worldwide, with the rates of a local SIM. With hundreds of roaming partners we can already offer free international roaming in over 90 countries and we are adding more all the time. The success of the SIM inspired us to develop many more products and services to assist travellers when they go abroad and we are adding new products all the time.


Our partners

We work with some of the biggest names in the travel industry and with over 4000 partners worldwide, you can be sure we are available globally.

You can purchase our products online as well as on the major airlines. Use the scrolling arrows to flick through just a few of the companies we work with.

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Corporate responsibility

Giving something back to local communities and the people that need it most is high on our priority list. WorldSIM get involved in many different charitable activities and sponsorships in order to support not-for profit organisations and the important work they are carrying out. Read about some of these activities below.

WorldSIM Team

Our team

Our once small team has quickly grown and now we operate from several locations around the world, with our head office in London. Our senior management team is comprised of telecommunication experts with over 100 years of cumulative mobile experience.

Despite our increased size, we continue to work with the same dedication and passion as when we launched, always striving to bring better products and services to travellers all over the world.

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